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2020.10.31 21:39 DimaSholom 10 Football Managers That You May Not Know Much About Who Are On The Rise (Part 5/10)

In this series, I will talk about 10 of my picks for football managers that are, In my opinion, are doing great work at their current clubs and will be moving on to bigger teams. I will dive into moderate depth about why they are doing well, and how they rose to prominence. As a Disclaimer, I do not support any of these teams, so if I have any wrong information, please let me know in the comments and I will fix it! Also thank you for the support everybody! It means a lot that you guys are enjoying this content!
Pt.1 (Pepe Bordalas)
Pt.2 (Serhiy Rebrov)
Pt.3 (Julien Stephan)
Pt.4 (Diego Martinez)

5. Roberto De Zerbi (Sassuolo 2018-)


Are you looking for a Serie A team to support? Do you enjoy entertaining, attacking football, and receiving heart attacks from most games? Well, Roberto De Zerbi's Sassuolo might be the team for you (or Atalanta) . 5 games into the 2020 season, Sassuolo have already scored 16 goals. This is currently the most in the league, but this could change with the fixtures this weekend. In 2017/18, Sassuolo finished 11th in the league and only scored 29 goals the entire season. In comes Roberto De Zerbi. In 2018/19, Sassuolo still finished 11th under De Zerbi, but they scored 59 goals this season, more than twice the amount they scored the year before

Playing Career

De Zerbi began at AC Milan, and he was loaned out to various teams while he was there. He never played a game for Milan, and was eventually sold to Foggia, where he had a few decent seasons. De Zerbi was a decent midfielder in his days, so he would have a good career that spanned 16 years. The biggest side he would play for are Serie A giants Napoli, who signed him for 2.5 million pounds. However, when De Zerbi played 30 matches for them in 2006, they were in the Serie B. After a few seasons in Romania, De Zerbi returned to Italy in 2012/13 and retired that season with Trento

Beginnings in Management

De Zerbi went straight into being a manager. His first club was Serie D side Darfo Boario. They had been stuck in Serie D for quite some time now. The season under their previous manager started off poorly, and De Zerbi was asked to try to salvage the season. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so, as the side got relegated. After the season, De Zerbi accepted a new job position at Serie C side Foggia Calcio. Foggia had just been promoted to Serie C. In their first Serie C season, Foggia did quite well, as they finished in 7th position under De Zerbi. The next season, they would go on to have a great campaign (almost perfect). In Serie C, they came in second place, and the Coppa Italia Lega Pro (cup for Serie C sides and below I believe). However, the season was not perfect. Despite finishing second, De Zerbi's side managed to not get promoted to Serie B.

De Zerbi Begins to be Noticed

After the campaign in second, Crotone, who were a Serie a side at the time, offered De Zerbi to take the helm. However, he declined and wanted to stay at Foggia. This would be something he would regret, as, in August 2016, he would leave the club due to disagreements with the board. At that time, the Crotone job was no longer available, so De Zerbi needed to look elsewhere. In September 2016, De Zerbi was offered to take over at Palermo (big mistake). De Zerbi accepted and quickly realized that the Palermo board was even more incompetent than Foggias. After only 7 games in charge, De Zerbi was axed after they lost to a Serie B side on PK's. In his 7 games in charge, Palermo managed to get 0 wins. It's safe to say De Zerbi's time at Palermo was a disaster

Getting the Career Back on Track

After a year without a job, De Zerbi was again asked to take over a promotion newcomer. This time, it was Serie A newcomers Benevento. He took over in October after Marco Baroni left the club due to a shocking start that saw Benevento on 0 points after 10 games. They had also scored 3 goals in those 10 games, so Benevento looked truly fucked. In comes Roberto De Zerbi. De Zerbi did not get off to a great start either, as it took them until matchday 15 to pick up their first point. However, the football looked much better, as it was attacking, and entertaining. Fast forward to matchday 38, and Benevento's season did not turn around. They finished in 20th with 21 points, and nowhere near safety. However, De Zerbi was not criticized. In fact, he was praised for playing attacking football and trying to give sides a game. Benevento really overachieved to get promotion, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that they struggled. At the end of the season, De Zerbi still left Benevento to take over another Serie A side.

Onto Sassuolo

Despite only scoring 33 goals, Benevento was not the lowest scoring side in Serie A. That went to 11th place Sassuolo, who despite finishing 11th, managed to score only 29 goals that season. They looked to be relegation candidates for most of the season, but turned it around towards the end to secure safety by 8 points. However, Sassuolo were not particularly pleased with the football the side had played, and turned to Roberto De Zerbi. De Zerbi lost key player Matteo Politano to inter, but he was able to bring in some pieces to turn the offense around. Most notably, Filip Djuricic,Jeremy Boga, and Kouma Bubacar. Despite finishing in 11th once again, and on 43 points once again. Sassuolo looked like a much better side. They scored 24 more goals, and only conceded one more goal. The team were not scraping results this season, and they were giving teams a run for their money.

Second season In Charge

In his second season, De Zerbi absolutely nailed some signings in the window. Most notably, he signed Francesco Caputo from Empoli. Caputo absolutely killed it for Sassuolo, as he scored 21 goals in his first season with the club. Merih Demiral was brought in for 8 million, to be quickly flipped to Juventus for 18 million. Jeremy Boga, who was only bought for 3 million from Chelsea, was exceptional and his value shot up to 20+. Lets not forget that De Zerbi kept on to Dominico Berardi, who was the key man that season. In 2019/20. De Zerbi's side finished in 8th place. They were very entertaining to watch because of De Zerbi's possession and attacking football. The results didn't quite click at first, but towards the end of the season, they began to do so. Sassuolo scored 69 goals that season, 6th most in the league, and conceded 63. This season, they are off to a unbeaten start in the league, and continue to bang in goals. They have 16 goals in 5 games, and their last 2 games have been thrillers


As I've mentioned throughout, De Zerbi plays attacking, adventurous, and possession-based football. His 2 main systems are a 4-3-3 and a 3-4-3. However, towards the end of the 19/20 season, and to start the 20/21 season, De Zerbi has used a 4-2-3-1 with great success. Sassuolo will play out from the back, and look to build slowly, while also transitioning quickly. The quick transition of pace will often catch teams off guard, and give Sassuolo quality opportunities. Sassuolo usually use vertical passing, but this doesn't mean they will not pass it out wide. Sassuolo will press to win the ball back, but the level of pressing depends on the quality of the opposition.

Conclusion and Sources

De Zerbi at the age of 41 has established himself as a quality manager who can spot a player. His side is incredibly entertaining to watch and is never an easy win. He is also adaptable, and has proven himself against big Serie A teams. All of this leads me to believe hat De Zerbi will definitely be seen on the sidelines of a bigger team soon.

Tactics (Great video)
General information on De Zerbi (Wikipedia article AND the sources listed at the bottom of the article
Tactics, very in-depth

Next team Prediction: Roma
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2020.10.31 18:46 Paolo1976 [LONG] Thirty years ago, and now. A personal experince on what is important in life, how we badly see ourselves, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This is not about asking something, it’s about sharing something that I’d like to put in this subreddit, which is full of very nice, wise and compassionate people, that might or might not have experienced something similar to this my very recent experience.
Don’t worry, there is nothing sad or unpleasant, it is definitely more on the bitterness side, with a pint of nostalgia for when I was a young boy, unaware of file. And yes, some spicy details, but just funny.
It all started, today, 30 years after the main event, when I was cleaning some of the garbage in what was my room when I was still living with my parents, and when I found some pictures I’ve taken so many, many years ago.
Thirty years ago I was 16, and my mother decided that I could have spent a snow week with some of the people from my sister’s school of music. For me, it was the first time being outside of family.
The trip, starting from Rome and arriving in northern Italy with train, happened within some companions, my age or just a bit older. Two of them, Mark and Dario, are central on the story.
Dario was a very handsome boy. Blond, green eyes, the smartest boy of his class, a talented musician and a very good dancer, an athletic body full of energy and a good skier. Me… let us say that I was in a different league. Smart, yes for sure, and clever, but without so much experience to share with the world, while Dario was from a wealthy family, so he could, imagine, afford the luxury of travelling with planes when needed (30 years ago there weren’t low cost).
During this week, we became very friend, I found him a nice and lovable person. We decided, with Mark, to spend an entire night without sleeping (something that now, at 45 years of age, I find even just difficult to imagine).
So, imagine these three young boys together for a night. No, nothing morbid or sordid happened. Just that, at some point, we decided to take some hot and funny pictures, putting our hard dicks near another boy that was sleeping in the same room. Me and Dario, more bold characters, accepted to be on the picture, without showing our faces, while Mark, that refused to participate directly, just took the picture. To save our shyness, we decided to jerk a bit with the lights turned off and then, when ready, Mark would have turned on the pictures, taken a fast couple of pics, and then turned the pictures off again.
Ok, we did it, and nothing overly sexual happened. I then developed the pictures some days later, back at home, probably I let Dario see them, and then stop.
In hindsight, I should have understood that was Dario trying to find a way to send a sexual message to me, but I did not get it. Or maybe I simply and willingly blocked it.
Then, some weeks later (it was summer, I remember) we met all together at Mark’s house. I didn’t remember a lot of the day, but today Dario told me, today, how it was heartbreaking for him saying goodbye to me, me and him on the two opposite sides of a fence, with my mother insisting with me to come back home.
I forgot totally this, as I forgot how, during the trip back home, Dario awakened my early in the morning, touched my dick with an excuse, and I didn’t budged at all. While I remember him confessing me he was gay, and I accepting that.
Then, again, after the summer, we met from time to time. I remember he was capable of spending way more money than me, so I felt a bit embarrassed. As I remember, and it was autumn, that we met all together with his fiancé, a man in his late 20s, with a very expensive car.
Nothing in my life told me that I could be of interest for him, on the contrary, I felt even more some sense of inadequacy. I mean, he was “bisexual” (that was his idea at the time being, or something like that), with a boyfriend, going to university, coming from a big city and a wealthy family, so ok we could be friends, but not very close friends.
Last time we talked, we were on the phone (calling a landline, at the time being, was with a time-based tariff in Italy), my mother closing the conversation because it was too long, and I felt so embarrassed that I no longer called him.
In the next 30 years, I have thought to him from time to time, just of the curiosity to know what happened to him. Two years ago, I have found him on FB, and added him. So, today, after the discovery of these photos, I sent them to him, and we chatted a lot.
So, Dario found me very charming at the time being, and he did not understand at all how someone could be so shy and not finding him attractive, because he was hoping for that. While, probably, mine was more a defense mechanism, I was not able to cope with my homosexuality at the time being, nor I could have imagined that someone so charming, so… “adult”, could be interested in me.
We laughed a lot today, with me telling him that he could have been a bit more explicit, it would have helped me having gay sex earlier in my life. With him replying that he preferred not to do that, because he thought that I could have flown away.
No, I don’t have any remorses or regrets for what could have been and was not. My 20s were very difficult (my mother closing the conversation was something part of a much bigger problem), my 30s acceptable and now I am happy of my 40s. He feels the same, he is in a very LTR and they are married.
Sometime ago I read a quote that states that a man became an adult when he pardons himself, and surely, I’ve pardoned my for all my hesitations that I’ve experienced in my life. During my 20s, literally, my life and all my energies where focused on trying to survive, and trying to remove all the weights that my family put on my shoulders. So, there was not a lot of time in trying to be young, I had to be more… “reduced” and concentrated on the important thing, getting a M.Sc. Now I have a Ph. D., when I was 30 I was teaching at the university, and let’s say that I enjoy my work and my life.
Today, I am the master of my life, at least for the greatest possible extend, I have a boyfriend that I love and plan to marry, and could talk to Diego without any hidden meaning, or any accusation or confrontation. We are two middle aged men, that met in a very particular time of our life and, as he has said, probably we met many times during these 30 years, without knowing we were close.
It was interesting, also, to observe how much our memory plays trick with us, being very selective, Surely I didn’t remember of him touching me, nor I remember my bragging on my sexual performances (understandable for a 16 years old, but surely not rooted in reality), nor that he tried, in some occasions, to have a more intimate contact with me. That young boy, full of fear, is now a man with a good career and, believe that, a nudist that could not care being naked with friends, showing and projecting an aura of self confidence that all my friends see (and they confirm that I am… charming, an adjective that I still find difficult to attach to me. I prefer to say that I have some assets. Surely when I am at the gym and I see boys that could be my sons flirting with me, I find it amusing).
It was funny to discuss with Dario the details of that night, where my memories are that he was way more endowed than me, and him telling that on the contrary things were more nuanced.
So I told him that we could have another night like that one, with Mark taking another picture, with the only problem that Mark is straight and so probably not happy to participate, while Dario and me wouldn’t have a particular problem in doing that.
And so, Dario told me that Mark died, when he was around 30, for a tumor. Poor guy. I remember him as a well mannered boy, a gentlemen, he lived in my same city so we spent some time together, he introduced me to his circle of friends, they shared with me their passion with role games.
So, I don’t know if there is a moral or a lesson from this, it helped me writing it down, I hope that you, reader, enjoyed it, in this Saturday before Halloween that is so different from the others.
Me and Dario agreed that, if there is a lesson, the lesson is that you should seize the opportunity. Carpe diem. Sure, your life will be rich of possibilities, I sincerely wish you so, but we cannot say how long we will stay on this Earth. So, we have to live every day as a gift, because if we do so, if we feel it, we would be open to meet new people and new friends.
Life is not necessarily made of loss opportunities and missed appointments. For me, the only possible thing to do with Dario, 30 years ago, was to keep it at a reasonable distance. Now, I could have some connection with him, but I cannot have this with Mark, no longer (fuck cancer, really really fuck you).
I am a strange kind of person. I could lost contact with a friend for years, if not decades, and then suddenly when life puts us near again, I could still find in this person all the sensitiveness that I found in the first time. Our bodies changed, we have now jobs, husbands, childrens, old parents requiring support, we live in different cities if not in different countries, but we still find together something that put us together, under the ashes there is still a spark, and these sparkles are an integral part of life. It is part of my nature and helped me keeping contacts with many people.
So, just, seize the opportunity. Live for the moment. And when you see a very sexy beautiful man smiling at you, don’t be surprised. He has his reasons.
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2020.10.31 06:14 Goldie_Glocks_kai Is this good for one week of work? Idk man am I doing something wrong? San Diego, CA

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2020.10.31 04:17 irvine_throwaway2020 Surfer Dama Guy Update

Just wanted to give everyone that is affiliated with UCI, an update about that Surfer Dama Guy, because people who attend the school deserve to know. His name is Ahmad Abassi and he is an absolute danger to the community. He was recently arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, as he fired multiple shots at a man in Dana Point. Before this, he would stalk women around Irvine (even goes to admit that much on his instagram). Even before this he had assaulted someone and apparently was arrested for having a loaded gun at UC San Diego. This is not someone you want around your friends, your children and fellow students at UC Irvine. Please warn your community and be vigilant of this individual if/when he is released back into society. It blows my mind that UCI officials let this man prey upon their students.
Dana Point Shooting
Old Reddit Post
[Man With Gun at UCSD](
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2020.10.31 02:59 geo_24_yt Just ran into Diego love you man!!

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2020.10.30 23:51 nadonet A Man Who Loved San Diego - A New Spreckels Biography Makes Its Debut - Coronado Eagle and Journal

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2020.10.30 16:40 LordVelaryon So Spoke Maradona: the all-times #10 in 60 quotes for 60 years.

Maradona is both one of the best players in history and also one of the most controversial, both by his actions outside the pitch but also because of how gifted he was in the use of words. Most of them, from when joking about how the US ambassador in Argentina "lost his turtle" to when he said sorry in his farewell match but spoke about how "the ball can't get dirty", can only be truly appreciated if you know Spanish. If not, they're lost in translation, but I tried to recopilate the best of them that wouldn't and translate them here. There are 37 of Maradona, and 23 about him. 37 because of the years he was a player, and 23 of those he has lived after that.

About poverty and his family:

About Pelé:

About Brits:

About Messi:

About FIFA:

About life and his legacy:

About Maradona:

  • "Maradona was a great player but, see well: he didn't shoot with the right, he didn't do headers... he wasn't complete. And there is another thing: why do so many Olympic athletes lose their medals when they are caught doped and he is not? The Argentinians do not give up. First they opposed me to Di Stéfano, then Sívori and Maradona. First they decide who is the best of the three of them and then they realise that I am worth more than the three of them put together." - Pelé.
  • "The greatest player I’ve ever seen, way ahead of everyone else, including Platini, Rummenigge and the rest. Maradona was a cut above everybody. Diego was not only the best player, but also the most honest, he was an example on the pitch. He was respectful of everyone, from the best known to the most humble. He was kicked to death and never complained, not like today's players". - Paolo Maldini.
  • When Diego scored that second goal against us, I felt like applauding. I’d never felt like that before, but it’s true… and not just because it was such an important game. It was impossible to score such a beautiful goal. He’s the greatest player of all time, by a long way. A genuine phenomenon." - Gary Lineker.
  • "The best of all times is Maradona. I admired him at the 1986 and 1990 World Cups. Today there are great players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but what I saw Maradona do I have not seen anyone else". - Ryan Giggs.
  • "Some say Pele was the greatest player of all time, but not me. Maradona will always be the greatest. He won World Cup in 1986, narrowly lost in the final in 1990 and then in 1994 maybe would have won it again had he not been banned. The crucial difference with Pele is that Maradona wasn’t surrounded by great players; he had to carry the team himself. If you took Maradona out of Argentina they would not win the World Cup, but I think Brazil without Pele would still have won.” - Eric Cantona
  • "Everyone was at his feet as a footballer. Diego was the best player in the world. To give you an idea, he was Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in one player" - Andreas Brehme.
  • “Pele’s my idol but I saw Maradona play. There’s no question in my mind that he’s the number one. He might have had his faults but he’s shown on the pitch what real football is all about. My dream is to play with him one day, if only for a few minutes. I learned a lot just by watching him play.”- Roberto Carlos.
  • "The best player there has ever been, better than Pele. I watched him closely in Italy every week and he was at a different level to everyone else. Some of the things he did were unbelievable. He could control the ball without looking, which meant if the pass was on, he would take it.” - Ruud Gullit
  • "There is something magical about Maradona. He was an artist, even with the excesses of artists, a genius that lived in his own world. We would all love to be Maradona, forgetting every stupid thing he did in his life, because he is the way he is, he is a whole, he is genuine. I had the pleasure of training him when he was already more than 50 years old. He was not well physically but when he had the ball at his feet he still was magic and above everyone on the pitch, he played with Baggio and Del Piero, and they gave him the ball. I think that hurts England, even today. They still remember it. Maradona struck at English pride for decades,” - Arsene Wenger
  • "Diego was capable of things no one else could match. What Zidane or I could do with a ball, Maradona could do them with an ORANGE." - Michel Platini.
  • "Maradona is a God to the people of Naples. Maradona changed history. In 80 years, we had always suffered, fighting against relegation, yet in seven seasons with him we won two leagues, a UEFA Cup, two Italian Cups. I’m a fan too and to live those years with Maradona was incredible. Being on the pitch when they won the Scudetto was amazing.” Fabio Cannavaro.
  • "The best of the lot, no question. In my generation, my era, he was simply the best. I saw Maradona do things that God himself would doubt were possible. He always had someone marking him, he always had someone hanging on to him, and yet he could still always conjure up wonderful pieces of magic. A genius.” - Zico
  • "“"Several people inspired me to become a football player. My uncle that was the one who supported me in anything, and another was Diego Maradona. My uncle once went to South America and when he came back he brought me a shirt from Argentina with the number 10 on it and that's how my love for him began. The first World Cup final I saw in my life was Mexico 86, so Maradona is God to me.” - Didier Drogba.
  • "We owe Diego so much that whatever he says, I am never about to agree or disagree. He gave us so much that I feel an obligation to listen and respect, rather than to listen and give my opinion. I feel special idolatry for Maradona, for all that he has given us Argentines through his magic football". - Marcelo Bielsa.
  • “I asked myself, ‘Who is this man? Who is this footballing magician, this Sex Pistol of international football, this cocaine victim who kicked the habit, looked like Falstaff and was as weak as spaghetti?’ If Andy Warhol had still been alive, he would have definitely put Maradona alongside Marilyn Monroe and Mao Tse-Tung. I’m convinced that if he hadn’t been a footballer, he’d've become a revolutionary.” - Emir Kusturica.
  • ["I want to salute Diego Maradona because for me he has been, and always will be, football. They invented the ball because they knew that Maradona would exist. He entered the pitch not to compete, but to have fun. The ball was looking for him and not the other way around." - Francesco Totti.
  • "He left a mark on me and my mind. Especially at the 1986 World Cup, those moments were absolutely sensational. I was 14 at the time and at that age you are aware of everything. At that moment I realized what a player he was and how different he was from the others. He won games without the help of anyone. In 1986, Maradona was in another level". As a player I tried to look like Francescoli, for example, by imitating his controls. But I never dared to try Maradona, because he is inimitable. After 25 years, I haven't seen anyone do anything like that. Even today and with all the great players out there, I think it's very difficult to repeat what Maradona did in 1986." - Zinedine Zidane.
  • “A genius, a real artist, one of the greatest players in the world. He could win a match on his own. On his own. It was all fair, he could have scored the first with his hand, but the second one was worth two goals. With Maradona, even Arsenal could have won the World Cup.” - Sir Bobby Robson.
  • "He is the best footballer I have ever played against. This also applies to his behaviour. Absolute respect. I hit him like nobody else because I was not able to contain him. But he never complained. I have good memories of him. I know he has had problems throughout his career, but he is a great guy and a fantastic footballer. We played against each other during the great Milan-Napoli showdown. I had to use forbidden techniques to stop Diego, he was unstoppable. Of the very good players, there is talk of one or two generations. But Maradona, and some others, will be talked about for the whole history of football" - Carlo Ancelotti.
  • "Messi and Maradona were different. I really don't know if he trained. He could do a very personal training, even with his laces untied. I remember when I was 21 years old that I saw him play at Stuttgart, for Napoli. Watching him warm up, it left you with your mouth open. It was at a very light intensity, he walked practically. But later, when the match started, he played better than everyone else. He silenced the whole stadium. It was an inconceivable thing." - Jürgen Klopp.
  • "Argentina these days has a strong defence. And in attack it has the dangerousness of Higuaín and Messi, the most gifted player of this century, capable of singlehandely winning a match. The comparison between him and Maradona in 1986 is very appropriate. However, Maradona was then a more exceptional player than what Messi is, even today." - Franz Beckenbauer.
  • "I think it's disgusting to make comparisons between Messi and Maradona. People who have seen Maradona play enjoyed it very much. People who see Messi do it too. Every era has its heroes, and they should not be compared at any price. Pele was a hero. So was I. So was Maradona. And today it's Messi's turn. Football itself should to be delighted that there is a guy like him because there will be enjoyment again" - Johan Cruyff.
  • "I don't compare myself to Maradona, I want to make my own story and remain in the pages of history for having done something. But even if millions of years go by, I won't be anywhere near Maradona. And I don't want to get close either. He is, and will always be the greatest of all time." - Lionel Messi.
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2020.10.30 09:29 -en- @BBCWorld: RT @BBCSport: 'To understand Diego properly you have to know the enigma that is Argentina' As Diego Maradona turns 60, @GuillemBalague goes in search of the man behind the myth 👉

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2020.10.29 23:39 doppl A San Diego man bilked $30 million out of the VA using ‘fake students’ in one of the largest GI Bill fraud cases ever

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2020.10.29 23:17 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Video shows San Diego police shooting man who charged them

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2020.10.29 22:34 thinkB4WeSpeak A San Diego man bilked $30 million out of the VA using ‘fake students’ in one of the largest GI Bill fraud cases ever

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2020.10.29 22:33 thinkB4WeSpeak A San Diego man bilked $30 million out of the VA using ‘fake students’ in one of the largest GI Bill fraud cases ever

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2020.10.29 22:24 AutoNewsAdmin [National] - Video shows San Diego police shooting man who charged them

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2020.10.29 20:32 UsaCops2 Bodycam footage of San Diego Cops Fatal Shooting of Armed Man

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2020.10.29 20:32 UsaCops2 Bodycam footage of San Diego Cops Fatal Shooting of Armed Man

Bodycam footage of San Diego Cops Fatal Shooting of Armed Man submitted by UsaCops2 to Bad_Cop_No_Donut [link] [comments]

2020.10.29 20:32 UsaCops2 Bodycam footage of San Diego Cops Fatal Shooting of Armed Man

Bodycam footage of San Diego Cops Fatal Shooting of Armed Man submitted by UsaCops2 to PoliceChases [link] [comments]

2020.10.29 17:02 Meda126Octl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5
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2020.10.29 16:41 Whey-Men San Diego man regains right to vote after prison, now advocates for voting

submitted by Whey-Men to prisons [link] [comments]